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Relocation after retirement?
A large number of prospective retirees contemplate relocation for their retired years mainly due to economics.  Of course, there are a myriad of other considerations like climate, family, wanderlust, health, etc., but finances definitely seems to be the big hitter with the vast majority of folks.  Quite a few companies like ForbesCBS MoneyWatchKiplinger and U.S. News - Money present analyses and recommendations, but one has to wonder how much bias is embedded in those recommendations.  It's not difficult to recognize that there will be incentives for both the publishers and the target locales (i.e. cities, states or countries) when it comes to being included in the published lists.  As a result, I'd be interested in hearing about people's personal perspectives on this issue.  How have you gone about identifying the best fit, location-wise, for your retirement lifestyle and quality of life?  Have you made firm plans to move, given up on the idea or are you already in-place in your new home for your retired years?

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